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Cowper, Isabella (1840 - 1840)

28 May 1840, Sydney, NSW, Australia.

5 June 1840, Sydney, NSW, Australia.


Descendant Family:


Isabella Cowper was the third child of William with his third wife Harriette Cowper, née Swaine, she was born on the 28 May 1840 at St Philip's Parsonage, Sydney, where her father was the Resident Colonial Chaplain. 

Isabella died on the 05 June 1840 at Spring Street; Sydney she was named after her fraternal grandmother, Isabella Cowper, née Sedgwick

Poor little Isabella was christened by her father William on the 04 June 1840, at St. Philip's Anglican Church, Sydney, most likely knowing that she was gravely ill and not going to survive. She was buried on the 6 June 1840 at the Devonshire Street Cemetery, Sydney