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Robert Hoddle Driberg WHITE

19th May 1838 - 28th Oct 1900

Life History

19th May 1838

Born in Stroud, NSW, Australia.

28th May 1838

Birth Notice in Sydney Morning Herald Newspaper.

8th Jul 1838

Baptised in Upon the Estate of the Australian Agricultural Company, Stroud, NSW, Australia.

2nd May 1863

Married Eliza Jane COWPER in St. Philip's Anglican Church, Sydney, NSW, Australia.

11th May 1863

Marriage Notice in Brisbane Courier Newspaper.

9th Feb 1865

Birth of daughter Eliza Jane WHITE in Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia.

29th Nov 1867

Birth of daughter Amy Roberta WHITE in Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia.

4th Feb 1868

Birth of son Robert Edward Shepperd WHITE in Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia.


Birth of daughter Lurline WHITE in Sydney, NSW, Australia.


Birth of son Cyril Cowper WHITE in Mudgee, NSW, Australia.

4th Oct 1879

Birth of son Alfred Becker Stewart WHITE in Mudgee, NSW, Australia.

25th Dec 1886

Death of son Robert Edward Shepperd WHITE

14th Mar 1897

Death of daughter Amy Roberta WHITE in Mosman, NSW, Australia.

28th Oct 1900

Died in Callan Park, NSW, Australia.

30th Oct 1900

Death Notice in Sydney, Morning Herald Newspaper.

Other facts


Buried in General Section, South Head Cemetery, Vaucluse, NSW, Australia.


  • Robert's Birth Certificate shows his first names as Hoddle Driberg.  It is unknown when he was given the name Robert.

    Aa a Bank Clerk, Robert Hoddle Dryberg White fought his way into our history with his two Tranter revolvers. In April 1868, whilst working for the Bank of N.S.W., he was required to carry a large bag of cash from Brisbane to Rockhampton by coach and at the end of the first day's journey he put up for the night at Gympie. Five of the locals heard of the money and decided this "bank bloke" would be easy pickings, so when Mr. White left his hotel the next morning he walked into the waiting arms of five armed men. Not to be deterred, he dived back into the foyer of the hotel, pulled out one of his Tranters and started shooting. Everyone expected him to stay safely behind the door until help arrived but he drew his other pistol and burst out through the hotel door in a wild charge straight at the bushrangers. He shot two of them with two shots and turned to face the other three only to see them disappearing in the distance. For his heroic actions he was presented with a silver tea service by the Bank and the Queensland Government presented him with a fine Wesley Richards shotgun.

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